Post your like / dislike / facinar / interested sentences below:

Audrey Lund

I love tennis
I hate sushi
I fascinate Sea Otter
I am interested in the ocean

Elyse Zeffiro

I like the mint
I hate n the ginger candy
I am interested in baking
I love the sea glass

Audio Sentences:

Bridget Miller
I like the Kitri (I like Kitri) (There's no "the" in front of a person's name)
I dis like bacon (bacon-Offs)
I fascinate blossoms
I intersar Beckkane Sisk (Sisk Interested Beckanne)

Will Drake:

I like hockey
I dislike Hitler
I fascinate as weapons (guns fascinate me)
I'm interested in wars

Nick Carr

I like the books
I dislike of Brussels sprouts
Baby jaguars fascinate me
I'm interested in the inventions
Me saying them:

Jerry Juratli:

I like the New York Knicks
I am fascinated by basketball (I love basketball) (no n at the end of "fascinating" Because basketball is singular)
I'm interested in New York City (I am interested in the City of New York) (Again, no n at the end Because New York City is singular)

Emily Karmanos

I like swimming
I am fascinated by dolphins (dolphins fascinate me)
Paintings interest me (I'm interested in paintings)
I do not like rock (I dislike rock music)
Video by emily k

Ethan Gilman:

I like baseball (I love baseball)
Fascinate Me hummingbirds (hummingbirds fascinate me)
I am interested in tardigrades
I do not like mosquitoes (I dislike mosquitoes)
Speaking Video ethan g

Mady Yolles:

I like carmelo (I like candy)
I hate interruptions (I dislike interruptions)
I am fascinated by nature (I love nature)
I'm interested in books (I'm interested in books)

JP Weber:

I enjoy spending time with my brother in Florida.
I dislike like the picture of the baby because I look weird.
I'm interested in when I was young and made a sand castle.
I am fascinated by me with my sister in disney world.
We need to work in class to simplify some of These sentences and figure out a simpler way to say them.

John Dahmer:
I like the ping pong
I hate the school
I am interested in flight (flying Interested)
I facinar by naturazela (I love nature)
my video

Jackson Gugni:
I like Cam Newton
I love football
I am interested in baseball (I interested in baseball)
I'm disappointed in one direction (I dislike One Direction) (We do not translate proper nouns)

Ian Stargardt:

I like the American football
My fascinates the base jumping
I hate mustard mastaza
I am interested in the balloon basket

Amy Tanushi:
I like Gabby Douglas
I hate n the peppers
I am interested n the dogs
I love football
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Erica Tanushi

I like the shoes (I love shoes)
I love the dogs (I am fascinated by dogs)
I interested in football (soccer Interested)
I dislike Justin Bieber (I hate Justin Bieber)

Emme Sparks
I like the f útbol
I hate my brother Ethan
I am interested n the dogs
I love the floras ( I am fascinated by the flowers)

Jenny Abraham
I like turtles
I dislike the bacon
I love the space outside
Me i nteresan dogs

Andrew Frenkel
M and like ncis
I hate H itler
I'm fascinated by mystery books (I love mystery books.)
I'm interested in Greek myths (I'm interested in Greek myths)

Sam leslie
I like baseball
i interested American football (I am interested in football.)
I dislike piano
My hobby is football
Your last two sentences do not work. You need a sentence with "I dislike" or "I dislike" and a sentence with "I love to" or "fascinate me"

Toure Black

I like the American futbal
I intresto skydiving
I dislike one direction
I am fascinated by Selena Gomez