Sr. Leibson's feedback:
Adam, your pictures are good, but your sentences need some work. Your sentences are about the following: something you like, something you dislike, something that fascinates you, and something that interests you. Thus, your sentences should all begin like this:

Me gusta or me gustan (I like something singular or I like something plural)

Me disgusta or me disgustan

Me fascina or me fascinan

Me interesa or me interesan

So, for example, I like basketball, so my sentence would be:
Me gusta la baloncesta. (the verb "gusta" ends in "a" because the thing I like is singular)

Another example is that I'm fascinated by the stars, so my sentence would be:
Me fascinan las estrellas (the verb "fascinan" ends in "n" because the think I like is plural)